Alex Eckhart

Lean Tribe Graduate

"Following an indulgent month traveling without much exercise, I was looking to lean out and get my strength back, but I didn't want to join a gym. I had a great phone consultation with Ed and he assured me he could create a bodyweight exercise plan I could do from anywhere...and he did! I told him I was a foodie and didn't want to just eat plain rice, veggies and tofu, he created a Michelin Star Meal Plan for me!

After a few weeks working with Ed, my strength and fitness grew a ton and I was feeling ready to get back in the gym. He was eager to update my workouts, being so thorough as to ask about each of the machines I had there so he could make me the best workouts possible...

...After a few weeks of my meal plan, I decided I was ready to scale down the complexity of my meals and do a more basic meal prep flow, he streamlined my weekly menu and even went so far as to search my local Whole Foods online to make sure they carried all ingredients on his meal plan. The guy goes the extra mile!!! After 12-weeks with Ed I am in the best shape of my life and am recommending the Lean Tribe to anyone and everyone interested in a true fitness and lifestyle renaissance. He was a coach, a friend, an inspiration and I am proud to be a graduate and member of The Lean Tribe!"

Down 13lb whilst adding a considerable amount of muscle mass to all of the key areas to create a fuller, leaner, more athletic physique.