Jack Cartwright

Lean Tribe Graduate

"When I started with Ed I had just finished a 5x5 strength programme and put on a lot of size and unfortunately fat. Having always been skinny I had never done a cut before and was pretty clueless about how to tailor nutrition and a gym programme to achieve this. The awesome thing about Ed is he takes time to understand your level of understanding day to day routine and the programme he chose really suited my lifestyle and preferences...

... I was able to check in with him anytime I needed for advice or tweaks to the programme, even from my home in Australia! He managed to incorporate a weeks holiday into the programme and adjusted it for my return. Ed’s immense knowledge of nutrition and different exercise techniques meant I dropped from 96kg to 82kg, while maintaining a lot of muscle mass. I feel strong, fit and agile which I love, and look better in the mirror as a bonus! Cheers Ed, you’re a legend"

Jack lost 30lb and got shredded!